Brandon Brooks

"I was in a bad situation. I had a new race built transmission from one of my local shops. The transmission never shifted into 3rd or 4th gear and the builder refused to repair it,insisting it was somehow my fault I never had 3rd or 4th gear! He had me jumping through hoops trying to diagnose this problem saying it was all electrical. Some people online pointed me to Darrin at BCA. Best thing I've ever done with my truck. Darrin took the time to explain to me exactly what happened with this transmission from my local shop. I mean he nailed it from 2,000 miles away. Darrin told me he was certain that after I had tried everything electrical, the only thing left was the sheared intermediate stub shaft. And it was. He even helped me through the arbitration process, providing me with much needed professional testimony. In my mind, he is a stand-up guy who came forward and did what was right.

Enough with that. Let's talk about the new transmission I got from BCA! I run a 6,000 pound truck with 450HP, 500ft lbs. of torque through this thing every time I turn the key. I've had this transmission for around 6 years now with over 25,000 miles of faithful service. I know what you are thinking. Too few miles on the transmission! This transmission shifts quick and firm when I'm stepping in it and smooth like factory when I'm not. I've exploded rear carriers, ripped teeth off of pinion gears, blown two pistons, scattered my transfer case, but I still have that same transmission that shifts like a dream every time. What does it come down to? I would buy another transmission from Darrin if I have a need for this service again."

- Brandon